Getaway Tour Package for International Student

JIS 2014—————————————————————————————————————————————————————
TOUR CODE: Bellatour 004
Day 01:  Arrival Transfer to Tangkoko Nature Reserve
A short visit to the Traditional Gold Mining at Tatelu Village (itinerary depends of the flight arrival) .  Drive to Tangkoko Nature Reserve.
Arrive at Tangkoko, proceed to the jungle to see the elusive nocturnal primate, the Tarsius “Gremlin” Spectrum.
Dinner and overnight at Mama Roos Guest House.  (if we miss the animal on first trip, we’ll see it on the second evening).
Day 02: Trekking to Tangkoko Nature Reserve
–  Early morning hiking at Tangkoko accompanied by local rangers.
–  Whole day beach activities (swimming and snorkeling!!).  A black sandy volcanic beach of the park.
–  Picnic Lunch on the beach.
–  Late afternoon guided walk to the fisherman village nearby the park.  (Batu  Putih Village).
–  Class Session.
–  Dinner and overnight at  Mama Roos guest house or similar.
Note: Possible for Social Project (school painting, etc).
Day 03: Dolphin Tour  – Tomohon City
Very early morning traditional Boat trip to see the Dolphin.   After breakfast,  drive to Tomohon town, on the way visit:
– Nutmeg plantation
– Copra Processing
– Waruga, ancient graves of the pre-Christian Minahasan
– Lunch enroute
– Check in at Lokon Boutique Resort on the foot of Mt.Lokon, one of the active volcanoes.
– Class Session
– Dinner and overnight at Lokon Boutique Resort
Day 04: Roots & Shoots & Hiking to Mt. Mahawu
–  Breakfast at Lokon Resting Resort
– “Bendi” horse cart riding from Lokon Resting to the market complex. Visit the  market of Tomohon, the    only market that has rats, fruit bats, snake are on display.
–  Roots and Shoots program on the foot of  Mt.Mahawu, Tomohon Town.  Students will plant new trees.
–  Drive up to Rurukan agricultural complex.
–  Trekking Mt.Mahawu.
–  Lunch will be served at Tondano lake.
–  Visit to Pulutan pottery village
–  Coffee break at Linow changing color lake, a beautiful lake surrounded by forests.
–  Return to Lokon Resting Resort
–  Class session
–  Dinner and overnight at Lokon Boutique Resort
Day 05 : Rafting Nimanga River – Manado City – Bunaken Island
–  Breakfast at Lokon Resort
–  By small cars we drive you (1 hour) to Timbukar village for rafting trip, passing beautiful Minahasa villages and lush clove plantations.
–  Arrive at the Timbukar village, join the rafting briefing conducted by local guides.
–  Enjoy the wild water Rafting at Nimanga river (grade 3).
–  End of Rafting, enjoy refreshment will be served at the river side.
–  Proceed to cars and drive to Manado, passing coastal villages.
–  Lunch will be served at a restaurant in Manado.
–  Boat trip to Bunaken Island (45 minutes).
–  Check in at Bastianos Resort or Sea Breeze Resort on Bunaken Island.
–  Snorkeling trip on the west part of Bunaken Island.
–  Class Session + Briefing for the Crown of Thorn Star Fish activities.
–  Dinner and overnight at Bastianos.
Day 06 : Snorkeling Bunaken Island on the east Part + Community Service
–  Breakfast at Bastianos.
–  Boat trip to the east part of Bunaken island  for snorkeling.
–  Return to Bastianos for lunch.
–  Late afternoon “community service” of collecting the Crown of Thorn Star Fish
–  Evening snorkeling guided by local guides of Bunaken island.
–  Dinner and overnight at Bastianos.
Note: Possible for school painting.
Day 07 : Bunaken Island- Manado – Airport
–  Breakfast at Bastianos Resort.
–   Possibility for early morning snorkeling before departure.
–   Boat trip back to Manado.
–   Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.
–   Drive to airport to catch the flight.
Price Based on minimum of 15 Participants + Teacher
Price includes: (Confidential – email us for more detail)
–  Bus/ Cars during for transfers and tours
–  Boats during transfers and snorkeling trips on Bunaken andSiladen island + social project.
–  Rooms 2 nights at Mama Roos
–  2 Nights  at Lokon Boutique Resort
–  2 Nights at Bastianos Resort
– Tours: Trekkings, Dolphin Tour, Rafting, Hiking, and snorkeling
–  Fullboard meals (starting with lunch on day 01 ends up with lunch on day 07)
–  Social Project of Crown of Thorn star fish cleaning up + materials.
–  Roots and shoots on the foot of Mt.Mahawu
–  Guides and Rangers assistance (during tours, Tangkoko trips, Rafting and Bunaken.
–  3 Days Bunaken Marine Park Fee.
–  2 Days Tangkoko Nature Reserve Park Fee.
–  Entrances to all tourists sites.
–  Refreshment during tours.
–  Entrance + Coffee Break at Linow Lake.
–  Donations.
Not Included:
–  Torches rental for evening snorkeling
–  School Painting materials
–  Snorkeling Gears (Fins, Mask & suit)
–  School materials (ballpoint, books, balls, etc.) are welcome!
– Etc…
For Price and more detail of the program, please email us:
Member of the Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA), chapter north Sulawesi.
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